A Typical Day in the Public Relations Business

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Photo: pixabay.com

Photo: pixabay.com

A lot of people would like to work in the public relations industry because no two days are the same on the job. You can often hear PR specialists and managers talking about how exciting their work day is and how they never get bored. If you’re like me and dread falling into a routine for the rest of your life, public relations might just be the right place for you. Take a look at what an average day in the PR business looks like and consider changing your career path!

1. Reading the news

PR specialists start their work day as soon as they wake up. Staying on top of everything that’s happening is a necessity in a field such as public relations and not a luxury. Online surfing might be more convenient than traditional media for catching up as everything is easily accessible and there’s a smaller chance of missing an important piece of news. However, only legitimate sources should be trusted as fake news is becoming more and more common.

2. Setting your goals for the day

Some companies tend to have a priorities meeting every day of the week to make sure everybody knows what their goals for the day are, and others don’t do it as often and prefer to have it a couple of times a week. Every company is different, but setting your goals for the day will help you prioritize your tasks and something you should do on your own if there’s no priorities meeting scheduled for the day.

Photo: pixabay.com

Photo: pixabay.com

3. Catching up with work

After you’ve coordinated your assignments, you get to them. You start going through your to-do list, which usually consists of dealing with tasks from the previous day and answering e-mails. This might be the only routine you get in a day, a repeating pattern of morning e-mails and calls.

4. Working with clients

A PR specialist usually gets to his client work before lunch, and that’s the fun part of the job. Every client is different and demands a unique approach, which makes your days exciting and always new. Organizing events such as press conferences, gatherings and charity events is

pretty common so you could say those skills are something you will use every day. Interacting with clients is the key to success because you have to make sure you’ve properly understood their demands. This is the part where you get to meet interesting people and establish valuable connections.

5. Dealing with new clients

After making sure you’ve checked off everything regarding your already established clients, it’s time to deal with the new ones. This again requires a specific approach because no two clients are ever the same. Your job here consists of making sure to catch the client’s attention with something like a pitch presentation or something else you might think is appropriate and/or innovative. Your ultimate goal is to make them want to hire you and only you. You need to prove you’re the best for getting the job done.

Photo: pixabay.com

Photo: pixabay.com

6. Taking your work home

If nothing goes wrong and everything is crossed off of your daily to-do list, you get to go home! Yay! But just as your work day usually begins at home, it also ends there as well. Even though you might no longer be in the office, often times you have to take your work home with you. Answering e-mails, returning calls and getting ready for the following day is often how PR experts end their day.

Even if everything goes smoothly throughout the day and you finish early, you will still never be bored in the PR business. As I’ve already mentioned, every client is different and requires a different approach and that’s what makes this job so special. Working with people is never easy, but it is also never boring. You have the opportunity to meet people you would’ve otherwise never met and that’s one of the best ways to grow and learn more about yourself. Not every work day will be easy, there will always be delays, misinterpretations and an unsatisfied client here and there, but it will all be worth it in the end of the day. So if you’re a people person with great organization skills and you want an exciting job – look no further. Public relations are what you’re looking for.

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