Comparative Advertising

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Also known as a competitive advertising, in this kind of advertising you compare your own brand to one or more competitive brands. In ad itself you show how your benefits and costs are superiore to the other brand. Naming the other brand is a direct way of comparative advertising. There is also an indirect way, where you don’t name the other brand.

Clarity in comparative advertising

Most important thing is that you are being truthful about what you represent. For example if you represent a delivery company and you say that your company is faster than the other competitive company that has to be the truth and you should be able to prove it. Another importat thing is to be clear which brand is making the advertisement. Audience shouldn’t be confused about that. Even though comparative advertising is widely practiced in the United States several EU states consider it bad taste. So they either ban it or restrict it.



Pros and cons

This kind of advertising is very consumer oriented and it insures that consumers are well informed about products and prices. Also it brings more differentiation between products and promotes competition and creativity. Comparative advertising can be really effective and sometimes is used not only in promotional purposes but in political ones as well.

On the other side this advertising can start a constant media war and the promotional costs can escalate. It can also decrease believability and credibility for the your brand and bring more negative opinions with the consumers then the regular ads.

Be careful not to cross any lines of good taste. All good competitive advertising should be subtle and extremely clever!

Ivona Magdić

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