Difference between PR goals, strategies and tactics

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Almost everyone heard for terms like PR goals, strategies and tactics but not many of them can precisely define what these terms actually represent. These processes are crucial when we talk about PR and what should a PR expert achieve while working on particular task.


Photo: modernhealthmonk.com

Photo: modernhealthmonk.com

Let’s say you are a consumer company that want a PR agency to make an improvement on sales for your new line of body lotions. In this particular case some PR goals might be:

  • drive X number of people to the website selling the product
  • access to the client’s analytics is key here
  • increase consumer publications which will discuss innovative body lotions
  • be sure that fashion/lifestyle bloggers mention the product in their posts
  • also increase Twitter and Instagram followers and boost Facebook likes.



Photo: infinity-intellectual.com

Photo: infinity-intellectual.com

Now that we defined our goals we can go on to answering the question ‘What is the strategy here?’. Many different strategies may be used in order to achieve needed results but usually strategy tends to follow a group of actions that are defined at achieving previously defined goal.

  • One strategy could be to ensure that a certain celebrities are using particular product. That would make a product placement across various media channels.
  • Also in order to make a product tempting, PR firms should make different groups of people attracted to this product. For example they could write in a media that these product is ”for single women only”. This label will make single women want it more (because now they feel like a powerful group that has their own product) but yet again it wont stop women that are not single from using it.


Usually people are confounding strategies with tactics. Tactics show us what is supposed to be done in order to carry out listed strategies.

Photo: fm-base.co.uk

Photo: fm-base.co.uk

  • Pitching platforms with specific messages to specific audiences
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram contesting
  • product give-aways to bloggers and celebrities
  • Create a video where celebrities use certain product, make it personalized
  • If we employed the approach using ”for single women only” label, our tactics could be to make a video where married women are jealous and annoyed at all the attention single women are getting.

Lada Sekulić

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