Do People Visit Web Sites after Seeing Company’s Advertisement?

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After seeing advertisements, we usually ‘Google’ a brand if the ad depicts something interesting, fun and desirable or when it leaves us guessing. But how many times must consumers see a company in the media before they visit a company’s web or mobile site? PR specialists and marketing managers must be asking themselves this question. This September The Bospar Consumer PR Effectiveness Study polled 1010 American adults to determine how likely people were to visit a tech company’s website based on media coverage.



When the results came in, they found that if you’re a tech company, a majority of American men will check out your site after repeatedly seeing media placements, with nearly 1 in 5 guys saying they will check out your site the very first time they see an article. A smaller group of men (16%), will head to a company site after seeing several (between 2 to 5) media placements. Nearly 1 in 4 men will visit a company site after seeing the story more than five times. Women seem a harder win. Only 13% of women say the first story is enough to merit a visit to a company’s website. After seeing several stories publish, 11% of women say they will visit a company’s site and 49% of women say, if they see enough placements, they will eventually check out a company’s web or mobile site because of press coverage. It isn’t surprising to see the different reactions between men and women since men have been long encouraged to embrace technology, while women are still getting strange looks if they say they work or like something connected with technology. However, with a new emphasis on ‘women in tech’ we can hope this will be changed soon.

When it came to age, the demographic most likely to visit a tech company after seeing the first press story were 35-44 years old. Millennials were most likely to visit the site of a tech company after seeing the company 2 to 5 times in the news. On the other hand, those 65+ were the least likely to visit a company site after seeing it in the media. Millennials and Generation X-ers are the primary demographics reading tech publications but once a company breaks through the noise and makes it into the mainstream press it is more likely that a wider audience will start visiting their sites.

The study also found that, by income, those who make $75K-$99K are most likely to visit a tech company’s site the first time they see a media placement. Those who make $150K+ were most likely to visit a site after seeing it several times. The group least likely to visit a site after seeing a company in the news were those who earn $25K-$49K.

The research surely helps everyone working in marketing and PR, but also demonstrates that any successful marketing program will need to be both strategic and long term. Not everyone will visit your site and get additional information about your products immediately, but if you cleverly release

your campaign over a period of time and by various means ranging from social media coverage to good old posters, the majority eventually will!

Nakić Martina

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