Has Hollywood’s PR machinery gone too far?

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Photo: pixabay.com

Photo: pixabay.com

We’ve all heard stories about Hollywood being merciless and nothing what it seems like – all that glitters is not gold. This isn’t something we think or worry about though, because it doesn’t affect us and it probably never will. We do watch Hollywood made movies and some of us do keep up with the celebrities, but that’s about it. Nevertheless, as young people who aspire to one day work in the public relations business, the cruelness of Hollywood is something we might learn a thing or two from.

Now, not many people know that PR experts are one of those building Hollywood. It might not make sense at first, because most of us associate the glamorous world of Hollywood with famous production houses, actors and celebrities. So where do public relations experts fit in here? They are the ones making those actors famous, they are the ones creating celebrities. How, you may ask. Aren’t actors famous because of the movies they make, don’t people become celebrities because of their achievements? Technically, yes, but they probably wouldn’t be at the place they’re at right now if it wasn’t for the aforementioned savvy PR experts; you can’t be a celebrity without an army of people behind you. On the outside, it might seem famous people always get it their way, but most of the time they don’t even know what’s going on. The person handling their PR is the one pulling all the strings, without a question asked.

In his column for the fashion and lifestyle platform Büro 24/7, Grgo Zečić mentions there’s a pattern he’s noticed when working with young stars, or better said, with their PR managers. For starters, as a magazine editor, if you want an interview with the new up-and-coming Hollywood actress, you first need to impress her PR managers. Since they know how to do their job very well, they will most likely tell you the person you want is very popular and is currently considering multiple magazine offers. This is usually not true, but as they need to make their client seem more exclusive, they will not restrain from lying to you. Other lies you might encounter are the star’s ridiculous demands such as a specific water brand cooled to a very specific temperature, or a bouquet of flowers handpicked from the prettiest meadow in town. These are usually made up demands and the star in question has no idea she likes her water cooled down to room temperature. PR managers do this to make their clients look more complicated, therefore letting everyone know they’re not “easy targets” and not everyone gets to work with them. Most of the time, celebrities aren’t the divas, but their PR managers are.

Even though their behavior isn’t very ethical or nice, these PR experts are one of the best in the world. They have amazing skills and stop at nothing to make sure their clients are satisfied. Although in most cases they’re motivated by money, their intuition and determination is something we should look up to and aspire to.

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