Presentation + fear and nerves=?

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Interesting topic doesn’t necessary mean your presentation will also be interesting. Some times you can have a great topic but still fail to make it interesting and send your message to your audience. And then, there are times when you can have the most boring topic ever but manage to make it a bit more interesting and the audience catches that.

Nowadays, everyone needs to gain at least some kind of presentation skills. It doesn’t matter where you work, whether it is communications, finances or IT, you will need them at some point. You should know the right way how to present your idea, how to create quality content, why it is important to analyze your audience, the meaning of nonverbal communication and much more…

Yeah, we know…it sounds like a lot of thinks to overcome. We can’t teach you all of that through one blog post but we can try to cover everything step by step, post by post, and we’ll start with fear.the-art-of-presentation-2-638

Your biggest enemy when it comes to presentations (and life in general) is fear and nerves. Some people say they don’t have a problem with it, some say they do. Let just clear something out, the first ones are lying. Everyone is scared or at least a bit nervous when it comes to presentations and remember that. We all have the same thoughts going through our head. Some just hide it better and some just prepared better.

The most important thing is to learn how to control your fear and nerves. You can do that by preparing yourself for presentation and using some self-relaxation methods.Fear-of-Public-Speakingnew

Prepare your presentation and your speech earlier so you are left with a lot of time to practice it. Half of the work is practice, practice and practice. When it comes time to present we always do a little bit worse that we did while we practiced it. That is the reason you need it! The more you practice the less you’ll fail.

Self-relaxation is the key to calming your nerves. There are a lot of methods you can use. Probably you already know what works for you but if you don’t we have some examples for you to try out. Try listening to music that calms you down, meditate, breath deeply, drink water, think of a place that makes you happy and calm, walk around, try to invision yourself in front of your audience, and last but not least, fake it till you make it. Yes, fake your confidence until it becomes real.

In the end, keep in mind that everyone is a bit scared and nervous so no one will judge you for it.

Nataša Dovijanić


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