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Media often doesn’t portray careers in their true light and public relations experts are often the first to be pictured completely wrong.

SamanthaJonesNo, PR isn’t what Samantha Jones showed us in Sex and the City. It isn’t all partying, having celebrities as customers and living easy life. Here are some of the most common false thoughts people not involved in PR have.

ANYONE CAN DO PUBLIC RELATIONS – Although people want to save some money by not hiring experts and thinking they can do their own PR, they usually can’t. Nowadays, everyone who uses multiple social media sites thinks they can think strategically and target relevant audience. Not only do you have to be very skilled with social media, but you have to be innovative, have strong writing and communication skills, and have the ability to persuade and build relationships – PR isn’t all about tweeting and instagramming.

YOU HAVE TO BE AN EXTROVERT – Public relations isn’t about being a people person, instead it is about being good with ideas. The fact that you are an extrovert can help, but isn’t necessary. And it definitely doesn’t mean you will automatically be good at communications. Whether you are  an introvert or an extrovert, if you want to work in PR, you have to be able to solve problems, have fresh ideas and be ready to learn.

PR IS JUST PARTY PLANNING – Party planning actually enters a sphere of public relations called event management or event planning. Still, it is not all that glamorous and fun. Working in event management doesn’t mean you only plan parties. You are responsible for all kinds of celebrations, commemorations and promotion and education events. Event planners have to work for months in advance to plan events. They contact sponsors and attendees, hire photographers and entertainment, design invitations and they have to fulfill every desire and wish of their client. Event planning takes determination and motivation. It may sound easy, but it surely isn’t. After all, who is the only person not drinking and dancing on a party? PR expert working on it!

IF YOU WORK IN PR YOU WORK ONLY WITH CELEBRITIES – Only a small amount of public relations professionals offer publicist services – generating and managing publicity for a public figure. Of course, a part of PR services include being hired by celebrities, but there is still so much left to do. Sadly, TV shows like Entourage and Spindustry leave audience thinking there is nothing else to PR than being a publicist.

PR EXPERTS TWIST THE TRUTH – A lot of people think that working in PR means telling a false or unethical story. Although PR professionals sometimes present a story in a better light, it doesn’t make it false. Countries even have special organisations that make sure PR is an ethical practice. PR experts are held accountable when false information is leaked to the press so it unlikely someone would lie when his or hers job is on the

– Finally, a phrase you could only say if you have never had any contact with PR. Public relations isn’t a job that ends at 5 pm. You usually have to take work home and work 24/7, check you mail 50 times a day and have to be in the thick of everything. Since PR professionals are usually perceived as celebrities’ assistants or party planners, people usually forget that a big part of public relations is data analysis, research and news monitoring. Lorra Brown, an associate PR professor at William Paterson University, insists: “PR is not about throwing parties, instead it is about coming up with the best solutions to help clients meet their communication or business objectives.”

Martina Nakić

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