Self-employment on social media – myth or truth?

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Self-employment always sounds ideal especially when we are talking about a career which includes being active and popular on social media. It sounds really easy and probably a lot of you fantasized about it or really want to pursue that in the future. At first glance, it does seem really easy – being active and present on social media – we do it everyday. Why not make a career out of it?

A lot of people think it can’t be a real or serious (whatever that is) career, some think that it is extremely easy way to get a lot of money while other believe there is hard work behind that kind of career. Opinions are always different and if you really want to succeed in anything you should not be bothered by them, not even a little bit!

Vector self employment concept in flat style - multitasking man working on different projects from his home office
Social-sign-post-300x300There is a lot of factors that create success and self-employment on social media and non of them are accomplished over night. First, you need to become visible and present on social media. You need to have a lot of followers, likes, subscribers, comments and etc. That will make you into an opinion maker and influencer, people will engage in discussions and be activated by the content you post. Then, the content you post must be original, interesting, visually appealing and engaging. Whatever you post should be honest and not shaped or influenced by others opinions because you won’t be able to stand out from the crowd. While doing all of this you should be very persistent and take your time so people could notice you, talk about you and share your content. In the end companies tend to recognizes social media influencer and start partnerships with social media influencers that get them nice paychecks.
So, is it a myth or truth? Well, of course it’s truth, but don’t think it happens easily and over night. The things mentioned earlier in the post are just basic tips and the process changes depending on what field you’re interested, who you are as a person and what is your personality on social media.
P.S: Don’t always wait for the companies to contact you, step up and get in touch with them and other influencers – improve your networking skills and grow your network!


Nataša Dovijanić

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