The Basics of Sports PR

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Public relations play a big part in the success of sports all around the world. They help establish and maintain mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance and cooperation between a team, athlete, league, organization, company and brand. Sports, like any other entertainment businesses, and their high-profile individuals must have trusted advisors who are able to prepare them before a scandal appears and help them cope with the media interest. They search the web for references to clients, follow breaking news and generally keep an eye out for any potential problems or issues.

Sport--Home_bigDaily tasks of a Sports PR
They prepare media kits, organize media interviews, write players bios, book players appearances on television and radio sports shows, handle crises when players have problems with the law, maintain the teams website and update their fans on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. It’s important to say how Social Media has lead to a growth in the amount of information and content the fans receive. It brought so many new opportunities for pitching stories, branding and gaining reputation. A sport pr biggest asset is the ability to develop a plan and match it with the right media platform.

What are the jobs advantages?
If you’re into sports in general, you will socialize with high-profile athletes and sports executives. You will be capable of developing and building a brand such as Nike, Adidas, Jordan… As other PR professionals, you will gain credibility if doing the job well. And of course, you will have a great influence on the media.

And disadvantages?
It a stressful work environment. Long hours, no specific schedule, lots of travel and works on weekends. Not only do you need to think about the media and their portrayal of your client, but you also have to deal with crisis management since a surprisingly big number of players are charged with some sort of crime. You will also have to face the negative portrayal of the proffesion since it’s associated with spin.

To wrap up, the future for sports public relations looks very promising. The industry is growing daily, since sport events are a billion dollar industry including other entertainment businesses. And also keep in mind, there is no substitute for sports public relations.

Petra Ignjatić

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