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Recently, president of the American movie and television production company Lucasfilm, more known for the creation and production of a movie classic Star Wars and its sequels has announced a start of a campaign named Star Wars: Force for change whose purpose is to collect money and raise awareness in every human being to start making a change for a better world.

As the president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy has announced, Star Wars franchise will collect 1 million $ in the following months, which will be donated to four charity organisations, selected by the fans.

Due to the mentioned events, I decided to get you a little insight into the newly released Star Wars sequel, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which managed to break all the selling records even before its official release. You may be wondering, how is that possible? Well with a good marketing campaign, everything is possible, and people at Lucasfilm did not want to waste time, so they thought out an excellent marketing plan which gathered some of the most influential people in the PR business.

starwars1 If you are not familiar with this, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has managed to become the fastest movie to cross the billion dollar threshold, hitting $ 1,09 billion in just 12 days after its release. There was never a doubt that the sequel would make it to the top in such a short period of time, because, well, it was one of the most expected movie sequels of all times, but with this record being broken, Star Wars: The Force Awakens exceeded all the expectations. One thing that producers and their PR experts had in mind, was how to introduce the new movie cast to the fans? How will the fans react? First thing they did in the first trailer of the new Star Wars sequel was the appearance of the old cast, more precisely of fans favourites’ Han Solo and his companion Chewie, with Han Solo saying: “Chewie…we’re home”. This sentence caught an eye of every person, not just of a die-hard Star Wars fans.

   What the PR experts had in mind for introducing the newest cast and for Star Wars to reach enormous numbers was:

1) Start early; it was more than two years prior to its release, that Lucasfilm has started with the marketing campaign to catch the eye of every viewer and to get a new force of fans. Although, it has seemed like forever, Star Wars fans finally got what they have been waiting for, and I am sure, it was worth the wait.

2) Go big or go home; of course you have to make it as it is something you have never seen before, something worth watching and if you don’t watch it, you will feel as if you missed something of a global importance. And believe me, the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is something you can not and will not miss, so go home now and cancel every plan and wait for the new sequel to premier.

3) Endear the cast to austarwars2dience all over the world; before the release, the cast of the new Star Wars sequel started its own world tour in order to promote the upcoming movie. In this way, the audience got a glimpse of their new favourite characters, which made it even more exciting.

 It is not a doubt that the PR experts have done a tremendous job in promoting the upcoming Star Wars sequels. The new sequel is due to be released somewhere in 2017, and we will see how they will do their job this time and may the force be with them!

Nika Obučina

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