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All of us know how great a good PR can be, but sometimes not all goes as we have planed. Yeah, when you are working it is bound for some mistakes to happen, some of them are little and some are huge, enormous, fails of the year. So, in this artilce we will focus on those huge fails and see what are some of the biggest mistakes that were made in PR.

Paramount Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 5 posters
Well it´s not that big of a deal when you have posters with some violente scene, everybody does that right? But when you launch your posters with Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo, leaping from building that just exploded on Septembre 11. than you can say you have a problem. Someone didn´t check their calendar… oops!



Zara´s bad taste
Zara, spanish fashion company did an oops of their own. But this one was bad, really bad. So, someone had this great idea of creating a childern´ PJs that looked like concentration camp uniform, and that wasn´t all! That looked really plain to this extraordinary designer so he/she decided to jazz it up with- David´s yellow star. With that for the little one, mum can combine her bag that has swastikas on it, also made by Zara in 2007. Double oops!

Volkswagen emissions scandal
Volkswagen, a family car, a car for everyone, one of the biggest pride of the Germany (if we are talking about cars) got caught red handed! Well they lied, told us that their car is eco-friendly, that they had as little emission as possible and that came up as big, fat lie. But really, who would like to confess that they had a smelly car? In the words of Volkswagen chief for North America „we screwed up“… oops!

Valnea Vrević

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