Why is internal communication important?

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Photo: mediabistro.com

Photo: mediabistro.com

Thinking about any kind of organization, first thing that comes to mind is its external environment. If an organization wants to even start a business, first thing what has to be done is to issue some kind of permit or license. And that can not be done without local authorities who regulate this issues, and act as a sort of gatekeepers. Therefore, an organization needs experts who feel comfortable in political communication. Wisdom which is often heard claims that customer is the king. This becomes even more true in today’s structure of economy, where services dominate. Relationship with old or future potential customers is probably the most important one, and one where mistakes are costly.


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Every organization has to be careful and confident with press releases and public speaking. Journalists, and media in general, are external factors who may also act in way which can be dangerous for organization’s image. But what about internal communication? In historical terms, it seems that this field is not the most productive one regarding theories. However, nowadays internal communication becomes more and more the centre of public relations academic talk. And it will rise as a specialization. Internal communication, simply said, presents communication between employees of an organization. It can be vertical and horizontal, depending on a personal position in for example company structure. In order to gain external success, which for some company may be a higher profit and market share in specific sphere, the objective is to be coherent. So the situation where various employees or board members are communicating different things is unthinkable. And this is where internal communication has to make effort. It is also important because it encourages lower-ranking ones, who get the feeling that their job is appreciated. Still a buzzword, team building presents an effective way to improve relationship between different kinds of personalities. So it can be understood as a internal communication tool. Modern public relations depend heavily on internal communication. Because of that, theoretical progress of the field will be followed on a subspecialty level also.

Karlo Kanajet

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