Why you should study PR?

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There are a lot of reasons why PR should interest you because it´s fascinating and non- stop going line of work and can be very exciting, but there are also reasons that tell us about the true importance of managing PR skills. So here are the 3 basic reasons why you really should study and master PR.

communication-director1. The power of media

PR helps you to understand how powerful media can be. It can literally make you or brake you. Media has power to create an illusion about anyone and anything and is an opinion maker for it´s wide audience. And with that in mind who wouldn´t want to have weapons to strike back. PR helps you with your ammunition.

2. “Everything you do or say is public relations.”

Meaning you are selling yourself, constantly, in every occasion you get. Every thing you do is a statement, the way you dress, talk, what kind of music you listen to or the places you go to, people you hang around with, all of these are factors which are building an image of you and will define how people look at you. So basicly, every day you are doing PR… for yourself! Also that will count in if you aspire to do this kind of work. People who are thinking of hiring you surely will check you up on social media, try to find out what public image you have and what others think of you. Soremember that next time you are posting something, going somewhere or thinking how rainbow hair would be perfect for you.

3. Skill boost!

PR really improves your social skills. You have to be in contact with people all the time so good manners would be in order! And do we have to point out that you will gain valuable communication skills which can come in quite handy in everyday life.
Spotlight will be something you´ll always be in so it will boost your acting skill, because being in front of cameras requires that. You have to be able to keep your poker face and don´ t show that you are afraid or insecure.
And last but not least, you will concquere the dress to impress skill!

Valnea Vrević

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